Youth Leagues are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.



Leagues for women Tuesday and Thursday.  Mixed Leagues on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Leagues for men are on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mixed Leagues on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



Youth 2 (age 4-12) 4:25pm

Women 3 women 9:30am
Widows   1:00pm
Women 5 women 6:30pm
Men 5 men 6:30pm

Youth 3 (6-8 grade) 4:00pm
Men 5 men 6:30pm

Women 5 women 6:30pm
(pizza & beer)
4 people 7:00pm

  Seniors 2 people 10:00am
* Mixed 4 people 6:30pm
1/Mo. Mixed 4 people 6:30pm

Youth 3 (Bumpers) 9:30am
Youth 3 (Seniors) 9:30am
Youth 3 (Gold) 10:00am
* Mixed 4 people 5:45pm
* Mixed 4 people 8:30pm

Fund Raisers   Noon-6:00pm
Mixed 4 people 6:00pm

(Starts in May)

NFL Mixed 3 people 7:00pm
9-Pin No-Tap 2 people 7:00pm
High/Middle School League 4 people 4:15pm

Pizza and Beer League 4 people 7:30pm
* denotes every other week.

For more information on bowling leagues,
contact Doug @ 248-628-2851 ext. 117



Contact Greg Lewis

879 S. Lapeer Road - Oxford - Michigan - 48371
(248)628.2851 - fax (248)628.6902

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